Simcoe IT strive to help you create, design and implement a branding strategy that fits your marketing plan and budget. Branding requires that a style guide or graphic standard be established and enforced. A company's success and reputation then helps to enforce the brand development and with time can become a standard. We help you maintain brand consistency by providing you with one source to produce all of your brand products and services.We look forward to helping you become the leading brand in your marketplace.

Today’s consumer doesn’t just buy a brand, they join it. This is why the best brands are simple ones: they’re easy to understand and impossible to ignore. As an agency, everything we do is focused on helping brands simplify and clarify who they are and what they stand for. From strategy to activation, we collaborate with our partners to craft the content, moments, and messages that build modern brands, and express them clearly, authentically, and in unexpected ways.


  • Corporate identity
  • Digital Ads
  • Banner designs
  • Logo and stationery
  • Catalog and brochure designs

Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Adwords/PPC advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • AOnline Reputation Management

Web & Mobile

  • Website design and development
  • Responsive
  • SMobile websites
  • Mobile applications
  • Game design and development